How to use DANKEBOX

STEP-1: User registration

After user registration and PayPal account registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.
Confirmation e-mail will be sent automatically to your registered e-mail address in a few minutes after your PayPal account registration.
It contains important information such as your private mailbox shipping addresses.

You can have your own address and store your mails only for 1850 JPY (Storage insurance included) every month.

Notes: Required for the first time only.
If you don’t receive any confirmation e-mail within a few minutes, please check your spam folder.
If you don’t find it anywhere in your mailbox, please re-try the registration (It could be due to incorrect e-mail address).




STEP-2: Have your Parcels/mails ship to your DANKEBOX address in Japan


Use DANKEBOX Service to receive following items:

  • All the items that can be shipped overseas
  • Letters
  • Monthly magazines

Southcloud Building 3F  1-8-17 Minamirinkan
Yamato-shi, Kanagawa 242-0006 Japan
Your name
Tel: +81-46-200-7537

神奈川県大和市南林間1-8-17  サウスクラウドビル3F
DANKEBOX PMxxxxx(ユーザーID)
Tel: 046-200-7537


  • Please include [Your user ID] after the address in the parcels/mails.
  • Please include [Your registered full name in English letters] in the parcels/mails.
  • Cash on delivery (COD) items and Freight-collect items cannot be delivered to our office


Payment Service

If you need to make payments within Japan, we can help you using PayPal.

After your registration is completed, you will be given your private mailbox address with your own ID and address in Japan, and can start using DANKEBOX immediately.

Log into your account and click “Payment service” on the top menu. Then make “Payment request”.

We will check the requested item and reply to you with an estimated amount.



  • The payment for the requested payment must be made in advance.
  • The maximum payment request amount / per item: 100,000 JPY.
  • You must pay for the item + Payment service fee 10% (including PayPal transaction fee / min. cahrge 500JPY) within 3 days after we reply to you with the estimated amount.  Otherwise, your request will be cancelled automatically.



STEP-3: Arrivals of your parcels/Mails

When your parcels/mails are sent to your private mailbox address, we will enter the following information in our data. You will receive an auto-email, “Your mail/parcel arrived”. You will see which parcels/mails have arrived in your account.

Notification contents and time

Date of arrival / Delivery company’s name / Sender’s name / Tracking No. / Weight of parcels/mails (g) Your mail information will be shown on your account within 24 hours of arrival (except weekends and holidays in Japan).

Receiving parcels/mails

Monday-Friday 10:00-17:00  (except Japan holidays)

  • When parcels/mails arrive on weekends and holidays in Japan, we receive on the next business days.



STEP-4: Shipping request

Log into your account and select parcels/mails that you want to ship. Complete the “Shipping request” as instructed. By the automatic calculation system, the shipping service fee, shipping fee, insurance and optional fee will be shown at the end of the shipping request.
Check the amount and make a payment by PayPal. (We accept PayPal only.)
After your payment, you will receive an auto-email, “Shipping request completed” and “Payment confirmed”.
Your shipping request status and payment status will be shown in your account.

  • Ship-to country can be different from the registered country.
  • Auto-calculated shipping service fee, shipping fee, insurance and optional fee will be charged every shipping request.
  • We ship worldwide.
  • Shipping within Japan is also available (We ship by Freight-collect shipping by Yamato transport Only). 


Shipping request order:

  1. Select parcels/mails you want to ship
  2. Automatic calculation of shipping fee and service fee
  3. Select overseas shipping address (or Japanese address)
  4. Select shipping method (AIR/SEA *For international shipping)
  5. Confirmation
  6. Payment (PayPal)


STEP-5: Preparing for shipping

Our staff members pack your parcels/mails carefully.


STEP-6: International shipping

You will receive an auto-email, “Your mail/parcel shipped”.
You can also check the status in your account.


  • In case when your package cannot be received at the designated address because away from home etc, please follow re-delivery procedures in your country.
  • Undelivered items might be shipped back to us after certain period of time so please be aware.
  • To reship returned parcels, auto-calculated shipping fee and service fee will be charged.


Customer service

Use “Message Box” in your account to contact our staff.


Account cancellation

Your account can be canceled anytime when your private mailbox is empty.
Your user account can be canceled anytime. We will discard your remaining parcels/mails and letters.
Click here for details.


  • Your private mailbox must be empty to cancel your account. When you cancel user account with remaining parcels/mails, they will be discarded.
  • Canceled account cannot be restored. To use the service again, you have to register again.
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