About customs

Please be aware that depending on the country, items might be subject to import tax. Value declaration and import tax issues are in the sole responsibility of the customer. Also, if problems arise from wrong or missing declaration, DANKE BOX shall not be responsible.

Please be fill in the value declaration to your best knowledge in order to avoid any trouble. The tax declaration states the contents and value of your parcel in English. It is mandatory for international shipping. Local customs authorities may use this information to evaluate whether tax has to be paid.

We are filling in the tax form based on the information you gave to us and will not check it for correctness; however, we will not be responsible for problems arising from misstatements. Please provide the correct information in order to avoid problems with your local authorities.



About the value declaration

You will have to fill in the customs declaration in the Shipping request form. Please fill in the purchase price or (in case you have not bought the item) an estimated value.

* DANKEBOX does not accept any responsibility for problems arising from the tax declaration.



About customs tax payment EMS / AIR / SEA

If duties have to be paid, you will usually receive a postcard from the local authorities. Taxes and duties can be paid at the post office. Please note that the payment method may change, depending on the country.




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