Customer Feedback

Here are some of our customers’ reactions to our service. For privacy reasons, slight changes and abbreviations may be made.


Student, living in the Netherlands
I have been living in the Netherlands for 3 years and until now, there was no service to collect my purchases. As sending everything seperately is expensive, I am happy about this service.


Company worker, living in the United States
I am using the shipping service because there are many things I cannot get here. I am also buying gifts on the web and am very happy to have them sent together. The price is not too high, the service is fast and friendly.


Company worker, living in Thailand
I am using this service because electrical devices here are more expensive than in Japan and not up-to-date. My last order arrived within three days. I also buy gifts for my Thai colleagues.


Company worker, living in Germany
I was happy to get food from Japan. It is cheaper than here, and the choice is much better. It also feels good to buy on Japanese website again, a little bit like being in Japan.


Student, living in France
I normally buy everything here, but for getting small Japanese gifts, this service is great. I think I will come back here before Christmas.


Company worker, living in Korea
I can get the things I need whenever I want. As Japan has the biggest choice for health and diet goods, I am happy to be able to buy from there easily.


Housewife, living in Australia
I was impressed by the number of webshops in Japan. I also like Japanese fashion a lot. So I think I will frequently use this service.


Company worker, living in China
I am using this service around three times a month to get books and things requested by colleagues, and I would like to thank you for the fast and safe handling. I was feeling a bit awkward in the beginning, but the mails informing me of the progress reassured me. I will stay in China for some more years, so I think I will use your service again.




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