Account Cancellation

STEP-1 Empty your mailbox

Place a shipping request with all the remaining parcels / letters.

* If you cancel your account with remaining parcels, they will be discarded after 30 days.
* The cancelled account cannot be restored. To use DANKE BOX again, please register again.



STEP-2 Cancel PayPal auto-payment

Log into your PayPal account and cancel the auto-payment.

(1) Log into PayPal account.
(2) Click “Profile” tab.
(3) Go to “My Money” and Fine “My Preapproved Payment” and click on “Update”.
(4) Find the merchant you want to terminate.

After cancellation, the monthly fee will not be deducted.



STEP-3 Notification e-mail

After cancellation of your PayPal auto-payment, we will cancel your DANKE BOX account within 3 days.
You will receive a “Notification e-mail”.


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