Instructions – Shipping request

1. “Your parcel arrived” E-mail

Every time your parcel arrives in your private mailbox, you will receive “Your parcel arrived” E-mail.



2. Log into your account

Log into your account with User ID and password. Select “English”.
If you forget your ID or password, click “Forgot password” link and fill in your registered E-mail address.




3. Arrived parcels list

Your parcels arrived are listed in your account.




4. Select parcels to ship

Select the parcels (mark the check-box on the left side) you want to ship, then click “Shipping request” button at the bottom.




5. Shipping fee will be auto-calculated

The shipping fee will be auto-calculated by the weight of parcels and packing materials.




6. Enter the shipping address and purpose of contents

Select the shipping address
Default is your registered address.
If you want to ship to an address other than your registered address, select “To a different address” and fill out the form.

Purpose of the contents
Personal use – Select this normally.
Personal gift – When the contents are gift for someone else.
Commercial sample, not for resale
Commercial – When you will resell the contents, select this.




7. Repacking service (Option)

Repacking service (Option) 1,000JPY

When you choose “Repacking service”, the following option can be selected.
* Remove catalogs, direct mails from the boxes.
* Remove invoices from the boxes.
* Cut price tags.

We will not repack glasses, art products, porcelain, watches, jewelries. (Not refundable)

We may open and repack the following parcels.
* When the size is too big to ship.
* When there is damage.
* When there are too much space in the box.




8. Contents description

Fill in the contents description in English.
To add items, click “Add Row” button. To delete items, click “Remove Row” button.



9. Shipping method

Select the shipping method and click “Next (Confirm)” button.

*The weight of the packing materials will be auto-calculated.
Please note that we will not charge / refund the difference.
*When the parcel cannot be shipped in 1 box, we will divide your parcels.
In this case, we will charge you the additional shipping fee.




10. Payment

Confirm the shipping request and click “Make a Payment (PayPal)” button.




11. Log into PayPal

Confirm the amount and click “Continue (make a payment)”.




12. Shipping request is completed




13. “Shipping request sent” E-mail.

You will receive a “Shipping request sent” E-mail. You will find the date of the shipping request and shipping request No.



14. “Payment confirmed” E-mail

You will receive a “Payment confirmed” E-mail. You will find Shipping request No., Amount and PayPal transaction ID.






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