Business Mission and Vision

DANKEBOX service was started in 2005 to export Japan products to people who live in overseas countries and love Japan products. Since then the service was well received but was down sized at the end of 2018 for some reason.

Recently we became the new business owner and would like to put the business size back to original scale. We are very happy to give our customers with full service now. We will export the goods you have purchased at Japanese EC site and/or domestic mails and letters to your overseas address (DANKEBOX).
We will also purchase Japan goods on behalf of you and send it to your local address (DANKESHOPPER).

We will try to send our customers useful Japan products news in addition to existing EC site information. Please let us know if you find brand new interesting things and we will share it with our customers.

We will make best effort to maintain logistics quality in order to make our customers happy. Please use our quick and reasonable price personal exporting service regularly and let your friends know this excellent service.


Best regards,
Business owner

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