Revised prices on 1st October

Than you for using DANKEBOX as always.

We would like to revise some price as of 1st October due to Japan’s consumption tax rate change.

  1. Monthly Fee
    We have applied 2 generation old consumption tax rate until now.  1500+75(5%)=1575JPY
    We will apply new tax rate.  1500+150(10%)=1650JPY (→ new monthly fee)
    This will be applied to new contract and contract renewal ater 1st October and the continuous contract won’t be affected until next contract renewal.
  2. Payment Service Fee
    We would like to apply 10% of product price with minimum charge of 500JPY.
  3. Packaging Fee
    We would like to update repackaging fee to 1000JPY from 500JPY due to increased labour cost.

We are sorry for additional charge but please understand we need to provide steady business.